Having difficuty geting on to the members section?

By System Admin on August 09, 2017

Are you having difficulty accessing the members section of the website? If so read on.

We have been informed that a few members are having difficulty accessing the members section of the new website. If this is you, please read below:

What should happen

  • The first time you try to get on to the members section, you will need to register your details. Your log on details from the old web site will not work. At the bottom of the members section log on page, there is a link saying 'Register new account'. If you click this link you will see an e-form asking for a few details to identify your account. You may pick your own password but it must comply with the rules on the page.
  • Fill in the details on the e-form and submit it by clicking the 'Register' button. The website will send you an automated email, to the email address specified in the e-form, containing a 'verification' link. The website sends out the email immediately but, please allow a while for it come through.
  • Click the verification link on the email and you will be taken back to the website. At this time you will be able to log in to the page using your email address as the 'log in ID' and the password you specified.

What if it doesn't

If the above fails to work, try the following:

  1. If the email doesn't arrive, please check any 'Spam' or 'Junk' email folders. Please also check your browser for any 'rules' that may have deleted the email or sent it somewhere else. If you still can't retrieve it, please send the details to the Office on an email. At this time we don't have an immediate solution to this, I will need to send the problem to the web designers so that they can manually force the verification. For the future, I have asked that another link is added to the log on page asking for the verification email to be re-sent enabling the owner to deal with this problem immediately.
  2. If you have clicked the 'verify' link but still can't get access, please carry our a password reset using the link on the log on page.
  3. If all else fails, please notify the Office by email with all details and a description of what is (or isn't) happening so that I can take it to the web designers for investigation and resolution.

Please note:

  1. Office staff cannot tell you or reset your password. This can only be done via the links on the log on page.
  2. The 'Account not verified' message on the members pages is not a problem but refers to a part of the site that is not implemented yet. Please see the comments on an earlier blog.
  3. At the time of writing, the club forum is not available due to possibilities that it may be insecure. Please watch this space for further information.

Kind regards




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