Access to the Club Forum

By System Admin on July 03, 2017

The Club Forum is now connected to the website. Please read below to make your ID live.

The club Forum is now available via a link from this website. As an additional level of security, you will need to request and be granted access before you can log in.

The first time you attempt to access the forum from the website, you will be prompted to request access. When you have done this, the request will be sent to the website and forum administrators who will authorise it. This will normally occur within 24 hours.

Once your access has been authorised, the link will be seamless and you will be taken direct to the log on page from the website link.

The forum hasn't changed. Your log in details and password are the same as they were before the website was changed and all of the exiting content is still there. If you are a current member of The Club and do not have a current password or if you have forgotten it, please contact the office by email and we will supply you with one.

Only current members of the Club (and certain authorised staff members) are entitled to have access to the forum.

The forum is intended to be used by the club members for the exchange of information about the club, the site and the area, between them. It is not the intention of the Club to interfere with the flow of information between users.

The Club does, however,  have a legal duty to monitor the content of the forum to ensure that the content is not abusive, indecent or otherwise unlawful. Forum users should be aware that any posts infringing the forum rules or are in any way abusive, indecent or unlawful will be removed without discussion. Any user who persistently posts in contravention of the rules will be warned and may be barred.

The forum is not intended as a primary means of communication betweem the club and it's members. The primary means of communication are the Newsletters issued by the Club, Welcome Meetings and the Annual General Meeting. The Forum Admin may, occasionally and at it's own discretion offer information on threads posted on the forum where it is felt that this will help but does not undertake to do so in any specific instance.

We hope you enjoy using the forum and, as always, would welcome any suggestions to improve it.


Best wishes



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